September 25 / 5 - 9 PM @ Oslo House of Innovation

Showcasing the best of technology, startups and innovations by Pakistani entrepreneurs

September 25 / 5 - 9 PM @ Oslo House of Innovation

(Christian Kroghs Gate 1, 0186 Oslo, Norway)

This event is geared to bring together Norwegian and Pakistani startups, innovators and techies working on disruptive technologies in the domains of smart city, education, circular economy and others to come together and discuss opportunities to work in collaboration for a mutual and impactful development. This event will also introduce the upcoming Startup Grind Pakistan Conference 2019 to be held in Islamabad on November 4 - 5.

Pakistan is the 6th largest country in the world with a population of 220 million, around 50% of the population speaks English making it the world's 3rd largest english speaking country. With over 70 million people having access to high speed internet, Pakistan has more internet users than the population of all Nordic countries combined.

According to Bloomberg, Pakistan is the world's fastest growing retail market in fact Uber's CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said "Pakistan is one of Uber's fastest growing markets" after Uber's $3.1 billion acquisition of Careem, a ride hailing unicorn founded by a Pakistani entrepreneur.

Careem is not the only one, Pakistan has produced the minds behind some of the world's leading tech companies including Afiniti ($1.6 billion AI startup), KeepTruckin ($1.25 billion startup), FireEye (world's leading cybersecurity company), Cavium (sold for $6 billion) and many others.


H.E. Zaheer Pervaiz Khan 🇵🇰🇳🇴

Ambassador of Pakistan to Norway

Shahjahan Chaudhary 🇵🇰

Director @ National Incubation Center Karachi

Jannet Faiz 🇩🇪

Engineering Manager @ Scout24 AG

Habibullah Khan 🇵🇰

Director - Penumbra

Hammad Lodhi 🇵🇰

CEO & Co-Founder @ CodeMatics Inc

Malik Ahsan Ali 🇵🇰

Founder & Managing Partner @ CodeMatics Inc

Sergiu Maznic 🇳🇴

Chapter Director - Startup Grind Oslo

Noman Azhar 🇵🇰

EVP/Country Head - Branchless Banking & Digital Implementation @ JS Bank Pakistan

Omar Chaudhary 🇫🇷


Sadia Naz 🇩🇪

Data Scientist @ Automotive Artificial Intelligence (AAI) GmbH

Mughees Ilyas 🇩🇪

Frontend Developer - Humanitec

Shamim Rajani 🇵🇰

COO @ Genetech Solutions | Founder @ CodeGirls

Asema Hassan 🇩🇪

VR Programmer - Unity3D @ DZNE - German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Arzish Azam 🇵🇰

CEO @ Ejad Labs / Director @ Startup Grind Pakistan

Mohsin Termezy 🇵🇰

ICT Sector Specialist @ USAID SMEA

Jehan Ara 🇵🇰

President @ P@SHA, Founder @ NEST I/O

Fasieh Mehta 🇵🇰

Chief Troublemaker @ National Incubation Center Islamabad

Javad Mushtaq 🇳🇴

Founder & CEO - MAK (Mangfold, Ambisjon og Kompetanse)


5:00 PM Networking & Registration (60 mins)

6:00 PM Welcome Remarks by H.E. Zaheer Pervaiz Khan, Ambassador of Pakistan to Norway (10 mins)

6:10 PM Fireside Chat "Role of Emerging Countries in the Global Innovation Economy" with Shahjahan Chaudhary, Director - National Incubation Center Karachi, Jehan Ara, President - P@SHA and Jannet Faiz, Engineering Manager - Scout24 AG (20 mins)

6:30 PM Keynote "Why Not Pakistan" by Habibullah Khan, Director - Penumbra (10 mins)

6:40 PM Startup Grind Fireside Chat with Hammad Lodhi, Malik Ahsan Ali of CodeMatics by Sergiu Maznic (20 mins)

7:00 PM Keynote "Transforming government through digitization" by Noman Azhar, EVP - JS Bank (10 mins)

7:10 PM Keynote by Omar Chaudhary, CEO - (10 mins)

7:20 PM Panel Discussion "Building Disruptive Technologies: VR, AI, Data Science & UI/UX Design, Blockchain" featuring Sadia Naz, Mughees Ilyas, Shamim Rajani and moderated by Asema Hasan (40 mins)

8:00 PM Keynote by Mohsin Termezy, ICT Sector Specialist - USAID SMEA (10 mins)

8:10 PM Closing Remarks by Fasieh Mehta, Chief Troublemaker - National Incubation Center (10 mins)

8:20 PM Networking (50 mins)

9:00 PM Finish

Master of Ceremonies: Javad Mushtaq, Founder & CEO - MAK (Mangfold, Ambisjon og Kompetanse)

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September 25 / 5 - 9 PM @ Oslo House of Innovation

(Christian Kroghs Gate 1, 0186 Oslo, Norway)